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What Divine Healing is NOT

by Chas Stevenson

Remember, during times of challenge, that you are absolutely able to overcome the thing completely by the power of God!  But...realize this, let's say in the case of physical or mental healing, you are NOT trying to GET God to heal you.  You are NOT WAITING on God to heal you.  You are NOT trying to please God in some way so that He will take on your case and heal you.  And you are definitely NOT to be waiting for ONE DAY God will do something.  That is NOT what divine healing is all about.


Rather, your faith walk is to simply CONVINCE YOURSELF that what the Bible says is true.  Your effort is to attempt to receive a COVENANT FACT that has already been given by your Father.  You are in need of only one thing.  Your quest is to get to the place where you DECIDE of your own free will that there is 0% chance, because of the cross of Jesus Christ, for you to continue with infirmity - starting TODAY!  What you will notice is that the day you make that decision, (with 100% certainty), that will be the last day you ever have any worry, doubt, disappointment, or uncertainty about the thing in question.  You will rejoice, thank God, and begin to act as if it's already happened.  The words will come from your heart, "Hey, I AM healed."  And THEN soon thereafter, the miracle comes.


"...Himself took our infirmities and bare our sicknesses..."  (Matthew 8:17) It is already done.  The challenge is for us to use our authority and force ourselves to believe it - 100%, commanding the thing in our body to obey the Truth.  Your verbal confession of scripture is needed to drive out all fear and doubt from your heart.  So just press in a bit more.  When you settle the covenant FACT of divine health or deliverance, your heart will know (you will have a witness and you will recognize something has changed).  Don't stop until that moment, for that is the moment you'll understand faith and the power of God.


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